I seem to recall being told that I was named after one of my dad's army pals, so I assume it was he that I was named after, not the first King of Scotland (Kenneth - CinŠed in Gaelic), who is credited with uniting the Picts and Gaels as Scots.

Watson is also a very common Scottish surname (20th most common) but is also fairly common is England, both having common Germanic origins of all things!

I haven't traced my family history so can't be certain but I like to think that I hail from the Scottish Watsons, of which there seems to be three main groups.

The lowland Watsons, are from the Lothians and thereabouts. The two groups of Highland Watsons are from Stirlingshire/Perthshire (clan Buchanan) and Aberdeenshire (clan Forbes).

The Watson sept of clan Buchanan have their own tartan. One of the 'ancient' forms of this is used here as the background

I do accept that I may have no Scottish origins at all but I am definitely a self-confessed scotophile and among other things have a love of Malt Scotch Whisky.

Here I am giving a wee talk on Malt Scotch (at ELWY Boat Club's Burns supper) prior to some tasting.

The kilt is in Hamilton Grey tartan (no family connection).