I have owned seventeen 4x4s, of which seven have been 'Series' Land Rover 88s and these, on balance, were probably the most satisfactory by virtue of being fairly indestructible and very cheap to repair.

Only one (the current Series I) has ever cost me any real money and, four were sold in better condition and for considerably more money than when I purchased them.

First was a Series III Station Wagon in Marine blue. This car had very good bodywork, interior and mechanicals but came cheap as the chassis was very rotten. It sold for a good price once the chassis was put right.

Second was a Series IIa Diesel hardtop in green & cream.

Third was a Series IIa FFR Air Portable (with hardtop & converted to 12v).

Don't seem to have any decent pictures of it.

Next was a '59 Series II Hardtop that I have no pictures of at all.

Although it was by far the oldest of the bunch (up to that time) it was the nicest to drive by a long way.

My next Lightweight was the exception to my normal rule in that it was bought as a restoration project and subsequently sold in the same condition for a bit less than I paid for it (Aries boat project was taking priority and it 'had to go' before I moved house).


I also had a couple of Range Rovers that were a delight to drive but cost an absolute fortune from start to finish. Not sure I want to go there again!

I still have a desire to own a 1949 Series I, but for the time being I have a 1957 Series I, 88" two litre diesel as a 'show' car! I probably paid too much for it but I liked the idea of the (very rare) 2 litre diesel engine and hopefully the value of the car will only go up?

I have recently acquired a recycled Series III, 88" Station Wagon as a runabout.