I got my first driving licence (for a motorbike) in 1965!

Doesn't time fly when you are enjoying yourself.

Thought it was time to have a bit of reflection and drew up these two lists of all the bikes and cars I have owned (or at least can remember owning). They are listed in date order of purchase (if my memory serves) and yellow highlighted ones are still with me.

The list includes a few green highlighted to show that, for various reasons, I never actually put them 'on the road'.


Suzuki 50 (proper motorbike - not step-through);

Triumph Tiger Cub;

Honda CB90;

Honda CB125;

Honda CB 200;

1982 Yamaha XS 400 Custom (from brand new);

Kawasaki Z250 Ltd;

Kawasaki GPz 305;

Honda 400 Four;

Honda 250 Super Dream;

Suzuki 550 GS ?;

Honda VF 400 F;

Kawasaki GPz 305;

Yamaha XV 535 Virago;

Yamaha 250 XL;

Moto Guzzi V65 Florida;

Yamaha XV 535 Virago (DX)

1979 Moto Guzzi V35.



1956 Morris Minor Traveller (split screen);

1963 CitroŽn DS 19;

NSU Prinz;

MG 1100;

1966 Rover 2000;

Fiat 850 Camper;

1972 CitroŽn GS Club Estate;

1965 Sunbeam Alpine Series IV G.T.;

1966 Singer Vogue Estate;

NSU Prinz:

1970 Sunbeam Rapier (Fastback);

1972 VW 'Bay' Camper;

Vauxhall Victor Estate;

Simca 1100;

1976 Triumph Dolomite 1850;

1976 Saab 99 GL;

1979 Saab 99 GLE;

Talbot Alpine;

Talbot Horizon;

Vauxhall Cavalier Estate;

Peugeot 405 GLD;

Peugeot 309 GLE;

Fiat 127;

Vauxhall Astra (Mk 1) Estate;

Vauxhall Cavalier (Mk 2) GL;

CitroŽn BX;

Vauxhall Cavalier (Mk 2) LD Estate;

Toyota Tercel Estate 4x4;

CitroŽn BX RD19;

Daimler V8 250;

1978 Land Rover 88" Series III Station Wagon; 

1971 Land Rover 88" Series IIA Diesel;

CitroŽn BX TZD;

1969 Land Rover 88" Series IIA Air Portable FFR;

 1959 Land Rover 88" Series II;

1977 Range Rover;

1978 Range Rover;

Suzuki SJ 413;

Suzuki SJ 410;

Daihatsu Sportrak EL;

CitroŽn BX TZD Estate;

Daihatsu Fourtrak EL TD;

CitroŽn BX RD Turbo;

CitroŽn BX TXD Turbo;

CitroŽn BX TZD Estate;

Suzuki SJ 413;

Peugeot 106 D;

Daihatsu Sportrack EL (LPG);

CitroŽn AX Spree D;

1978 Triumph Spitfire 1500;

Saab 900i SE (LPG);

1998 Vauxhall Vectra Di LS Estate;

1968 Sunbeam Alpine Series V G.T. (LPG);

1972 Rover 2000 TC;

Suzuki Samurai;

1979 Land Rover 88" Series III Air Portable;

1995 Volvo 480 Celebration;

2009 CitroŽn Xsara Picasso Desire HDi (from brand new);

1997 Vauxhall Astra (Mk III) Colour Edition Convertible;

1957 Land Rover 88" Series I;

1972 Land Rover 88" Series III Station Wagon;

1972 CitroŽn DS21;

2005 BMW X3 20D;

2007 CitroŽn Xsara Picasso Exclusive HDi;

2012 CitroŽn C3 Picasso Exclusive HDi.